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For almost 20 years Standing Stone has helped our clients be safe by understanding the threats they face, how they are vulnerable to those threats and what the consequences would be if an incident occurred.  We use proven analysis and behavioral science techniques to keep people and property safe from harm allowing our clients to focus on their success without fear.  We have successfully worked with schools, universities, businesses and all types of government agencies from rural Native Alaskan Villages to the urban Metropolitan Washington DC Council of Governments.  Our consultants have a minimum of 20 years of real world, firsthand experience and just as importantly they have the unique ability to share that experience for the benefit of our clients.  This depth and breadth of experience allows us to provide our clients with solutions tailored to their unique situations. 
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According Mike Kennedy staff writer for American School & University Magazine there are 10 important trends in school design.  #7 Is Security, particularly the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED.  The article goes on to say;The Indiana School Safety Specialist’s Academy, a division of the Indiana Department of Education, published a report in 2014 that identified design features that help boost school security.

  1. Positive body language “Research shows that when students feel a connection to the building, they are less likely to vandalize it and more likely to prevent or report vandalism.”
  2. Natural surveillance “ involves the ability of people to see each other and to be seen by others without technology,” the report says.
  3. Natural access control “can help staff members control a campus by creating boundaries between public and private space and directing people to appropriate areas,” the report says.  Traffic safety equipment. “Thoughtful signage, bollards, roll stops, raised crossings, and other physical features can be used to make parking areas and access roads safer and easier to navigate,” the report says.
  4. Safer lockdown rooms. “It is important to provide reasonably secure areas that staff can quickly retreat to, secure themselves in and, ideally, communicate from, thus reducing the risk of injury and death to others,” the report says.
  5. Design of administrative offices. “Administrative offices, conference rooms, and other areas where parent or student meetings take place are generally safer it they have a secondary exit or the ability for staff members to exit the room if a visitor becomes volatile,” the report says.” Thoughtful placement of furniture and secondary exits can help reduce this risk.”
  6. Preventing roof access. “One of the most common security gaps…is easy roof access,” the report says. “Low roof sections, catwalks, exposed gutters, utility boxes, and railings are among the common building features that allow easy roof access.”

Are you building or renovating a school? Standing Stone can work with the District and the Design Team to insure the security for the school meets current "best" practices. Unfortunately many new and renovated schools continue to "design in" security and safety problems. This often leads to costly retrofits after the school is built. Our security experts can make sure this doesn't happen in you school. 

In 2015, Standing Stone is offering Emergency Operations Plan reviews and reorganization and follow on support to school districts in Pennsylvania.  Standing Stone will review and reorganize your current EOP so that it meets State (PEMA) and Federal (FEMA) safe schools planning requirements. Our consultants will identify items from the existing plan for inclusion in the updated EOP, recommend areas that need improvement and then review withe Plan with the District.

Standing Stone offers Active Shooter training for for Schools.  This training was developed specifically for active shooter incidents in schools.

Standing Stone is now able to offer Professional School Resource Officers.  We can recruit, train and manage your officers allowing school administrators to focus on their core mission of education.  The officers provide security functions plus emergency planning, risk assessments and a variety of other services all backed by Standing Stones experienced consultants.  Call Ian Thompson to discuss your needs.

Call us today to learn more about these programs and how we can help protect you, your property and your valuable reputation!  

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