Pete Schecter

Pete has over 30 years  experience in the administration and operational delivery of public safety services, 14 years experience conducting complex  Criminal and Civil fire/explosion cause and origin investigations and 11 years experience as a Fire and Rescue Training Coordinator and Technical Writer.  Pete has served as Chief of Department responsible for training, equipping and delivering Public Safety and Emergency Services to his community.  He is an expert in the application of personal computer based tools to improve emergency management and response and the management and operation of 911 call and regional dispatch centers.

Josh Brown

Josh has over 30 years of law enforcement and security planning and crime prevention experience.  He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by the American Society of Industrial Security and is Certified as an Advanced CPTED Practitioner, (CCP-A) by the International CPTED Association.  He is considered an expert of security technology and lighting.  Josh has conducted well over one thousand Risk Assessments including commercial facilities, governmental facilities, educational institutions and entire communities.  He has written local, statewide and nationally distributed brochures on Commercial Robbery Prevention, Substance Abuse, Trail Safety, Neighborhood Watch Guides, as well as three articles on Rape and Assault Prevention.  Josh is a frequent presented at national and International crime prevention conferences.

Jim Hyslop


Standing Stone Consulting Inc. began in 1999 when a concerned group of mission driven security, crime prevention, and emergency response experts and began offering their expertise to clients. These consultants had years of real world, firsthand experience in a wide variety of environments.  Together they had worked on thousands of safety, security, and emergency response projects.  Over the past 15 years Standing Stone has been involved in hundreds of assessments and security/emergency response planning projects such as schools in rural Alaska, military bases around the country, and the evacuation and sheltering plan for Washington DC and the surrounding Metropolitan area. It is this exposure to the solutions observed in a wide variety of environments and types of organizations that allows our team to develop the best security and emergency response capabilities for our clients.

Adrian Wiggins

Adrian has 20 years of policing and emergency management experience working his way up from police officer to the Executive Director, Campus and Public Safety and Chief of Police for Morgan State University.  Adrian is very experienced and effective in the development, implementation and administration of public safety programs in highly urbanized educational environments that require liaison with state and local police departments, federal agencies and emergency management centers serving the region. He is expert at resolving multi-jurisdictional issues so that the primary goal of public safety is insured.

Adam Miller 

Adam has 17 years of experience and a diverse background in emergency management, security, emergency response, law enforcement, counter terrorism, volunteer management and emergency communications.  He is a recognized Critical Infrastructure
Preparedness Specialist and Professionally Certified Emergency Manager.  Adam is currently serving as the Emergency Management Director for Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania where he has a professional and volunteer staff of over 2,500 people.  He also has served as a police officer for a local municipality.  Adam is an expert at building strong partnerships between local public safety agencies, private business and organizations, and state and federal agencies to insure effective and well coordinated responses to emergency incidents.  

lori thompson,  vice President

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Standing Stone was started with the sole purpose of helping our clients be productive and safe from harm.  We can help you prepare for and respond to emergencies.  Let our experts help you organize, train and equip yourself and your organization so that you can be productive and free of fear.” 


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Karl Mercer

Karl has over 40 years of experience with an extensive background in security, emergency response, law enforcement, counter terrorism, force protection, explosives and emergency communications.  Mr. Mercer is an Anti-terrorism and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Emergency Team Operations expert and Certified Bomb Technician.  Karl retired from public service as a Police Commander of the Bomb Squad, SWAT and K-9 units.  He has also served as Deputy Chief of the Virginia Fire Marshal Academy, and he is a combat arms instructor for the United States Military as well as a Firearms and Armed Tactics Instructor for law enforcement.  

Lori is Vice President of Standing Stone Consulting, Inc. has over 26 years of security and emergency management planning experience.  She holds the highest level of certification for the internationally recognized discipline of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED.  She is one of only 16 Certified CPTED- Advanced (CCP-A) practitioners in the world.  Lori has provided master planning services for the Department of Homeland Security, the military, local governments, educational facilities and recreational facilities (trail and park projects).  As part of her work with the Department of Homeland Security (US Coast Guard) she has developed a comprehensive planning methodology for all hazard threats, vulnerabilities and risks assessment that was adopted as standard practice. 

Ian is Vice President of Standing Stone Consulting, Inc. and has 24 years of experience in Emergency Response and Crisis Management, Law Enforcement, Security Sciences and Protective Services, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  He is the originator of the process of Response Enhanced Design (RED).  Ian has managed the security and emergency response for a number of large private communities, served as a Deputy Sheriff and works with the local County Emergency Management Agency.  Ian also serves as a Huntingdon Area School District Board Member.
Jim has more than 42 years of experience in all facets of management. Jim has worked with clients on hundreds of security and emergency planning projects.  His expertise in Organizational Dynamics helps align client organization’s resources with their mission requirements and culture.  Jim understands the concerns of top level managers who are tasked with balancing security and emergency response priorities with resources.

Mike Bicking

Director/Chief Bicking has served as a law enforcement professional for the past 30 years.  He is the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police for West Chester University.  As Director, he is responsible for Police Services, Electronic Security, Emergency Dispatch, State & Federal Clery Law Compliance, Parking Services, Emergency Management and Planning, and Threat Assessment.  Mike is a National Tactical Officers Association Certified Instructor in Police Patrol Response to Active Shooters.  He co-created a specialized Active Shooter Response training course for campus law enforcement.  Chief Bicking is experienced in security engineering relating to access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance as well as emergency communication centers and emergency dispatch functions. 

Jeff Donaldson

Jeff has thirty years of Public Safety/Emergency Management and Response experience.  Jeff retired as the Deputy Chief of Operations for an urban 1200 person profession Fire and Rescue Department where he was responsible for planning operations and training.  He was also a member of Virginia Rescue 1 that is frequently called to provide search and rescue at natural disasters such as the earth quakes in Taiwan, Turkey and Iran.  Additionally, Jeff teaches nationally and internationally on disaster and emergency operations, policies and procedures

ian thompson,  vice President

Jim Hyslop, President