Keeping people and places safe.

 “Participating in the EOP training conducted by Standing Stone Consulting proved invaluable as a school district administrator.  The content-specific sessions afforded me the ability to analyze our plan from a district perspective, while understanding the nuances of school safety in each of our facilities.  The framework and strategies Standing Stone employs will allow our district to develop and continually monitor our Safe Schools plan and training initiatives.”
                                                                            Francine Endler, Holidaysburg School District



  • Threat/Vulnerability/Risk (Consequences) Assessments -- What can hurt you? How are you vulnerable to the threats? What are the consequences of an incident?
  • Security and Emergency Response Planning -- Security Master Plans; Emergency Operations Plans; and Continuity of Operations Plans
  • Policy and Procedure Review, Development and Writing -- Aligning policies and procedures with the organization goals and resources as well as meeting legal requirements.
  • Training -- We offer a wide variety of security and emergency response training.  Call us with you needs.
  • Drills and Exercises (Design, Provide and Evaluate) -- Table Top, Partial Scale or Full Scale
  • Security and Emergency Response Architectural/Engineering Design -- We insure that your buildings and grounds have security and emergency response “designed in.” 
  • Technical Systems Assessments and Recommendations -- Is your technology (CCTV, etc.) effective?
  • Peer Review -- Police Departments, Fire and Rescue Departments, as well as EMS Departments
  • Procurement Assistance -- Specification Development and Request for Quote/Proposal Development
  • Expert Witness and Ligation Assistance

Please call us to discuss your specific needs.  Call Ian Thompson or 
Jim Hyslop at 814-641-7600 or e-mail us at


Standing Stone provides safety, security and emergency response consulting and training for a wide variety of clients in order to help them protect their people, their property, and their reputation. Being safe allows our clients to focus on their mission without being distracted by the fear of something terrible happening to them. We are happy to talk with you about your concerns.  Initial phone consultations are free of charge. On request, we can provide an estimate of services which includes  project scope, timeline, staff credentials and fee structure for a project.  Whatever your concerns, please give us a call. 



Our services include: